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Creatie Figure Painting:

Our creative colleague Anne Vandkande pours figures, from cats
to elephants, and she teaches you to paint your own beautiful figure. After finishing she makes a high gloss finish, so that you have
a memory that can be kept for a long time. It is offered several
times every week during the high season.


Sweet Making. Bon bons

Anne Vandkande makes boiled sweets together with you, minimum 4 participants. Registration in the reception.

Pony Riding

This is arranged as required ask in the reception. There are trips with
the fjord horse Mille and the pinto horse Dina on the meadow
or a trip to the forest.

Soft Drink Disco

Every Friday during the summer holiday there is soft drink disco from
7 pm to 9 pm in Den Gule Stald. Entre is for free and you can buy soft
drinks for 2 DKK. Common barbecue is in the yard and it is lit from
6 pm so that the whole family can enjoy the barbecue together and
the parents can watch the small children while enjoying the food.

Folk Music Festival

From June 7 to June 9 there is a big folk music get together and
common meal and dance in the pavilion. If you bring your own
instrument and take part in the festival you can stay in your own
caravan or tent for free that weekend registration required.

Other activities Follow the information board:

Making twist bread at the campfire
Football games
Music and songs in the yard
Relaxing massage
Yoga and meditation
Guided run in the forest

Daily Activities

Moon cars
Bouncing castle
Cable railway
Beach volley ball field
Table tennis pool table football
Miniature golf

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