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Boeslunde Camping
Rennebjergvej 110
4242 Boeslunde
Phone +4558140208
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Open: 29.03. - 30.09.
LON 11 15 54.2880'
LAT 55 17 22.0200'

Boeslunde Camping. Open all Year


We really look forward to welcoming you at Boeslunde Camping. Here there
are perfect places for every taste. Come and enjoy the nature and the peace and
the calmness in the natural surroundings or take the family and enjoy yourselves at
a great location. It is possible to take part in all the activities on the site or take a ride to
all the attractions in the area. Maybe mum and daughter would love to enjoy yoga together
on the site, while dad and son enjoy Kragerup Gods Go High.
Uniquely planted family site with excellent shelter and access to beach and forest. Unspoiled scenery with many excursions, such as the islands of Om and Agers or the Great Belt bridge.
Four-wing farm (former workhouse) in the vicinity of a yard scenery and a large grill. Solarium, health massage, 48" colour TV/VCR, tabletennis, billard, dart, airhockey, BMX-bikes, Aerial ropeway and trampoline.

Copenhagen one hour,
Odense one hour.
The Vikinge Fortress "Trelleborg" 20 min.
"Bon-Bon" sweetscape and
tennis court 1,5 km.

Covered heated swimmingpools.  
Wintercamping 1/10 - 1/4.

Motel / Hostel:
Rent a room or a flat for your stay.

Bus 460 og 470R: Korsr - Sklskr, right to the door.

See our Brochure here:

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