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Site info
Boeslunde Camping
Rennebjergvej 110
4242 Boeslunde
Phone +4558140208
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Open: 29.03. - 30.09.
LON 11 15 54.2880'
LAT 55 17 22.0200'

Practical information

What to know

  Breakfast rolls can be ordered before 7 pm in the shop.

The information desk and the shop are open every day
   Check the time for lunch break and opening hours on the
  door to the reception/shop.

  Settlement of accounts and departure from the rented units
   must happen before 11 am on the departure day.

Guests in their own caravans and tents have to pay before 12
  on the departure day and leave the camp site before 2 pm,
  if nothing else is arranged with the reception.

  There must be peace on the site from 22.30 to 07.30 and
   the barrier will be closed. Driving is not allowed during that
   period remember to park on the parking lot if you need the car.

  Visiting guests and lodgers have to park on the parking lot and buy a
   guest ticket in the reception. Guests who are still on the camp site after
   22.30 are regarded as lodgers and they have to pay according to it.

  The dogs must be walked with a leash in the dog fold or outside of
   the camp side. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming area or in
   the buildings. You will find poo bags for free outside the reception.

  Never enter the swimming area alone, and children under 12
   years must be accompanied by an adult. Pleace notice that there
   is no regular surveillance and that it is your own responsibility.

  Children with diapers have to use a swimming diaper can be
   bought in the shop.

  Fire distance between the units of 3 meters. Tents and anything
   else flammable is included in that.

  The code for wireless internet can be bought in the reception.

  The card for the barrier is also used in the family bathroom and
   laundry room. Extra cards are available in the reception. You have
   to pay with 2 DKK pieces in the mens and womens bathrooms.
  By the way, we refer to the standard rules for camp sites,
   which can be read in the reception

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